“Take only memories, leave only footprints” 

~ Chief Seattle ~


Welcome to our famous Ord River paddle.

 'Econoeing' is the original canoe trip on the Ord River, established in 1991, and we are the only local company offering this adventure. The trademark was adopted in 2005,  after we attained Eco certification, and since 2012 Econoeing is proud to still be the only Advanced Eco accredited business based in Kununurra and the East Kimberley.

    In 2023 we were honoured to be included in the EcoTourism Australia Hall of Fame,  celebrating 20 years of Ecotourism Accreditation

We offer self-guided canoe tours down the Ord, supply all the equipment required, the safety backup from our years of experience, guidebooks with maps and photos and ‘glamping’ campsites, with composting toilets, sleeping platforms, water on tap (including showers), gas BBQ and a fireplace with wood supplied.

We offer a range of tours allowing you to explore the Ord River at your own pace. The Ord is 55kms in total, options include a boat pickup and river cruise in our vessel Crocadilly to allow for shorter timeframes.

Our one day option features a guided bushwalk in the afternoon before the boat cruise back to Kununurra, our two day option features the boat pickup for the sunset cruise, while the 3 and 4 day options allow you to cruise the whole river under your own steam and explore everything this magnificent region has to offer, which in turn gives you the best value for money.

We Supply For You

  • Canadian Canoe
  • Paddles / Lifejackets
  • Mattress with Pillows
  • Info Guidebook
  • Cooking / Dining utensils
  • Mozzie Domes
  • BBQ (inc Firewood)
  • Gas Cookers
  • Eskies

You Need to Bring

  • Food and Drinks
  • Swimmers / Towel
  • Sleeping Bag / Blanket
  • Personal Items / Clothes
  • Natural Soap Please
  • First Aid Kit
  • Camera
  • Torches &/or Candles
  • Ice

After we pick you up in Kununurra on the morning of your tour, we will stop at the roadhouse to get ice and anything else you may need for your trip.

Sunrise Sunset

One Day Tour

From $300 per person

Experience the best of the Ord River in one BIG day. Paddle the faster waters of the upper Ord in the morning, then get picked up on the river for a guided bushwalk to a spring waterhole and then relax on the sunset cruise back to Kununurra.


Two Day Tour

From $350 per person

Choose the best of both worlds! Paddle down the amazing Ord River to overnight at Cooliman Camp, explore the river and it's secret hideaways for two full days, then get picked up for the relaxing sunset cruise back to Kununurra.

All the Way

Three Day Tour

From $400 per person

The famous original Ord River canoe trip! Relax and explore the entire magnificent Ord River over 3 days, staying at Cooliman and Stonewall camps, then cruise back to Kununurra under your own steam for a rewarding and best value tour.

The Ord Explorer

Four Day Tour

From $450 per person

The famous original trip just got better! Stay longer and explore Lake Kununurra's scenic flooded waterways, enjoy all 3 of our environmental campsites, with ample time to paddle into the Ramsar wetlands near the Diversion Dam.

Extra Days

$100 per person

Stay awhile!   Take an extra night on your Econoeing tour to really relax and explore everything the Ord has to offer.

Arvo Pick Up

$100 per person

Why not join us on a scenic run up the Ord River while we pick up canoeists in the afternoon.

- subject to availability -

Abseiling Combos

Contact Us For More Info

Arrange an abseil activity during your tour – full instruction for novices and all equipment provided.

houseBOAT Hookup

From $2500

For the luxury option, paddle to our houseboat ‘Kimberley Dreaming’ to reward yourself and finish your tour of the Ord in style.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Upper Ord River and Lake Kununurra is the only river in Northern Australia that is protected from Saltwater crocs. The Department of Parks and Wildlife has the responsibility to keep the area between the Ord and Diversion dams free from salties.  They have six traps which are monitored weekly on the river. Salties have been known to enter the area during the wet season, which are then trapped and relocated downstream.  You'll see heaps of Freshwater (Johnson) crocs. There are about 7000 in the Upper Ord, or one for every 20 metres.



We'll stop so you can get ice at the Roadhouse in the morning.


Drinking Water

You'll be floating in it!  You can drink the water straight from the Ord.  

Lake Argyle is big enough to dilute just about anything.  Pollution in this respect usually comes from domestic animals, like cattle, but in the Kimberley the country cannot sustain more than about 15 beasts per hectare, which is not enough to pollute our waterway.  

The water on tap at Cooliman Camp is siphoned from a freshwater spring, which tastes even better, and the water at Stonewall Camp is pumped up from the Ord.



The first day is 23kms, the first half of which has the fastest flow to help you along.  This takes 4-5 hours to paddle on average.  

The second day is only 9kms, or 2-3 hours paddling, to give you the chance to have a good look around in that fantastic area that you can only access from the river.

The last day is another 23kms. It is the longest day, the one to get home, with less flow but usually the dry season wind will help to push you home.

Our new 4 day trip cuts the last day in half, with only 11km to paddle to Maxwell Camp, which takes about 2 hours, then the last day is only 10km to Kununurra, or 12km to the Diversion Dam wall



  • Two-person Canadian canoe
  • 55 litre Esky
  • 30 litre barrel
  • 5 litre Dry Bag
  • plus for camping a 60 litre barrel to share for clothes and bedding (pillows supplied)
  • Self-Inflating Mattress per person
  • Mozzie Dome Tent (2 person)
  • Kitchen Bucket with plates, cups, bowls, cooking/eating utensils, frypan and billy for everyone
  • There is a BBQ plate on the fire, we supply wood, and gas BBQ & cookers at the camps.


  • Barramundi  (stocked)
  • Sooty Grunter (Black Bream)
  • Silver Cobbler (Catfish)
  • Redclaw (Freshwater Cray)

Handlines available on the bus at no cost

BYO bait

Single Paddlers

We have a boat suited for single paddlers, with a large bouyancy chamber at the rear to help balance the boat.  

One person can't go alone. An odd group may take a kayak,  but these are harder to paddle and can't carry much gear, the accompanying canoe will have to carry extra.


Everybody has to be able to swim unassisted.   

We have a larger canoe manufactured to sit an extra smaller person who would travel at no cost. 

Kids occupying a full seat receive a 50% discount.  Three kids sleep sideways on two mattresses.  We have small child lifejackets,  and small adult jackets

If you have any other questions, please contact us


We use SPOT Trackers to accompany every tour every day, so in the event you need some help while you are in this truly remote Kimberley region we are only an hour or so away in our rescue boat.

SPOT Trackers use satellite communication to send a range of messages, escalating in urgency to EPIRB level, so you are always in contact even though there is no mobile coverage.

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Trip Advisor -Go wild
Carol D
Carol D
7. October, 2020.
One day canoe tour Brilliant in every way possible, a 12hr day but every minute was enjoyable. If you enjoy being active this is for you. Stunning beauty in peaceful location. Macca is a first class guide who generously shares his knowledge. We would definitely recommend.
Gary L
Gary L
9. September, 2020.
Family weekender. Great camping and canoeing for the family. Very clean facilities with lots of adventurous activities for the Kids.
9. September, 2020.
Can see why this was recommended! After having lived in kununurra for a couple of years, we’d had this trip recommended to us by word of mouth as a ‘must do’ and I can see why. With paddle in hand it was a very enjoyable way to see the Ord and what it has on offer at a relaxing pace. We did the two day canoe trip with an overnight camp out and found that this was just right for us. We also took along a fishing rod and did a bit of trawling which turned out to be a bit of fun. Macca was brilliant also, very accommodating and makes sure the camps are well equipped and maps are easy to follow - all in all a well run and very enjoyable experience!
Mark A
Mark A
20. September, 2019.
Absolutely fantastic time on the Ord My family (wife and 19yr old daughter and 14yr old son and myself) travelled through the Kimberleys for 5 weeks in June 2019 and made a great decision to do a 2 day kayaking trip with Go Wild Econoeing organised by Macka. We travelled with another couple who were heaps of fun too. It was an absolutely amazing trip. I kayak a fair bit but my wife and kids hadn't so it was great being able to share the kayaking experience with them especially in such an incredible place. My wife found it a little challenging early on but then really relaxed into the paddle and taking it all in. I recommend the overnight stay as its a lovely time to get some eat some fresh fish and reflect on the day with your family. I fished a bit and lost a few good sooty grunter and eventually had to settle for a big catfish to feed everyone. Surprisingly good to eat. The swimming was great. First lunch stop on the beach is really nice. Herbies Hideaway is a must find. Jump rock is also a must though it took me a while to get the guts to jump.. and did my kids let me know all about it? The sunsets and views are incredible. The 4 of us sang out with echoes as we floated down Carlton Gorge and it was just great. Macka was fabulous. A great fella. Provides good maps and advice and makes it all fun. If you are have a couple of days spare in Kununurra or an overseas traveller I just cant think of a better was to experience the Kimberley. Definitely book up an overnight trip. You cant go wrong. For what you get it represents great value. Thanks Macka :)
Jacinta R
Jacinta R
21. August, 2019.
Brilliant Had a ball under Maka's tutilidge re canoeing tips. 3 days of quite bliss. The 3 days and 2 nights of seeing the river Ord at a slow pase. The camps were basic but functional with water, toilet and shower ( cold). There are discounts for any equipment you bring. We would definately doniy again.
13. August, 2019.
The Ord isn't ordinary What a great experience travelling down this river valley in a human powered craft. It's not just all paddling either. We enjoyed lookouts, swimming holes and exploring freshwater creeks. Loved the different camp sites all set up to take the hassle out of camping. After reading the comments we decided to break the last day in two and use Macca's new camp site. It left only a couple hours of paddling the next day.
Colin K
Colin K
28. July, 2019.
See the river at the right pace This is an excellent way to see and experience this stunning river, its gorges and wildlife. The scenery is stunning and whilst remote, you are not totally isolated. Those who have paddled before will find this very easy. We had no experience and though fit, are a bit older and still managed even if challenged on days 2 and 3. The challenge was really an addition to the experience. The blisters kept it in memory for a while (take sailing gloves). Day 1 was a blast as it has the fastest water to supply a bit of adrenaline without fatigue. The camps are in beautiful settings with all you want for a comfortable bush experience. Macca is building more to be able to have longer times in locations. He was very accommodating to our needs and schedule. He provided great advice on side trips with maps and is himself an addition to the overall experience. We loved being on this river and would do it again for longer should we return.
11. June, 2019.
Three days canoeing down the Ord Three canoes, six friends ! What a great adventure. It was Macca's happy persona, great organisation, perfectly set up campsites, three eskys full of food and drink, and a good flowing river with (mostly) winds pushing in the right direction that made it such a great three days. And despite a serious dunking of one of our couples ... we, in our 60's, were very happy with our rescuing skills without having to call Macca ! Don't hesitate. Do it.
Rhodri S
Rhodri S
17. April, 2019.
Amazing three day trip! My partner and I had an absolute blast on the three day trip down the Ord River. As every reviewer has pointed out, Macca goes above and beyond to help all of his paddlers. Communication was clear from the start and he picked us up early so that we could store some equipment with him while we were paddling. Had a great time on the river seeing all the different wild life, explored numerous rivers and creeks to find waterholes and climbed to some of the best lookouts you'll find! Would recommend the three day trip to anyone, as was a great experience camping out in such remote areas in set up sites. Though be ready for a long paddle on the last day! Book it now and enjoy!
Judith C
Judith C
1. November, 2018.
Gorgeous gorges, and paddling fun! Two amazing days paddling the Ord River, we were lucky to have it all to ourselves! The first day is super easy on the paddle as you just go with the flow, the gorges are so spectacular. The camp has everything you need and is clean and tidy. Day 2 we paddled up the creek, walked up to the Butterfly gorge and checked out the beautiful waterfall, further on we paddled enjoying the awesome scenery, around 4pm Macca picked us up and we cruised on the golden water enjoyed the sunset, then said our goodbyes! Such a great tour!!

Eco Tourism

Ecotourism is a form of tourism involving visiting fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas, intended as a low-impact and often small scale alternative to standard commercial (mass) tourism.

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